What is IT Staff Augmentation?

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It is not a surprising fact that we are stepping into a modern era where new technologies keep skyrocketing. Especially in the IT industry, there’s a remarkable impact on businesses from new technologies. Thus, the business environments have become incredibly competitive regardless of the industry they are in. With this competition and ever-changing nature, the requirement to move on with innovation comes to play. In such a scenario, “Staff Augmentation”, the most popular trend has become functional among companies to be successful in the market. It is an outsourcing model that uses temporary workers to fill short-term job requirements within your organization. The concept simply gives a major impact on businesses by making the processes extremely efficient and maximizing productivity with KPIs, quality, and all.

Outsourcing comes with two popular models called Staff augmentation and delivery teams. Though both models are related to outsourcing, it has significant differences in between.

What is the difference between Staff Augmentation and Delivery Team?

The delivery team is an external team that is not in-house and leads their effort on delivering the project. Well, to be more exact, let’s consider a software company. Once they receive a project from a client, instead of completing the project by the employees of the company, they tend to outsource the project to an external team of key personnel consisting of software engineers, quality engineers, and managers to get it done.

Staff augmentation defines another story. Staff Augmentation is a process where the management recruits additional employees on a contract basis who work in-house. If I explain it further, it simply is expanding the team to fulfill any need of the business at a critical stage. As an example, there’s a deficiency for an Artificial intelligence expert in the company in order to complete a task. On such occasions, the company is going for a staff augmentation rather than spending time on the typical recruiting process. Though this process fulfills any job position, recruitment is only for the short term. Once the project is over, their responsibility comes to an end too.

Indeed, it’s a smart move because the typical recruitment process will take time and might not be the best match for the position you searched for. Nevertheless, in order for a company to reach its goals, proper talents and resources are a tremendous advantage. Therefore, this smart move will open gates to experts who can lead your company towards success with maximum productivity.