Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for your company?

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It is not a surprising fact that we are stepping into a modern era where new technologies keep skyrocketing. There’s a remarkable impact on businesses from new technologies. Thus, the business environments have become incredibly competitive regardless of the industry. With this competition and ever-changing nature, the requirement to move on with innovation comes to play. In such a scenario, “Staff Augmentation”, one of the most popular trends has become functional among companies to be successful in the market.

It is an outsourcing model that uses temporary workers to fill short-term job requirements within your organization. The concept simply gives a major impact on businesses by making the processes extremely efficient and maximizing productivity with KPIs, quality, and all.

In challenging occasions that need massive commitments to the business, most companies are struggling to determine the correct path to move forward. On such occasions utilizing “staff augmentation” will be a great reliable alternative that offers you enormous benefits. Indeed, it’s a smart move because the typical recruitment process will take time and might not be the best match for the position you searched for. Nevertheless, for a company to reach its goals, true talents and resources are a tremendous advantage.

Did you know that it costs around $4000 on average to hire a new employee to a company and also the procedure takes around more than a month?

Therefore, this smart move will open gates to experts who can lead your company towards success with maximum productivity.

For the fortunate, several staff augmentation vendors are waiting and ready to assist your company.

Well, don’t you have a clue on when to have a staff augmentation to your company? So, run your eyes over for the signs that your company needs staff augmentation.

Running with a limited budget

With the prevailing uncertainty in the economy, bringing in-house talent needs big money. Unlike the employees who work in-house, augmented staff doesn’t need to pay a fixed salary.

Instead, they can be hired according to an hourly basis, weekly pay basis, or project-wise. So, compared with a permanent employer, an augmented member or a freelancer would be cost-effective.

Assistance to meet a hard deadline

The pressure of tight deadlines is no more a secret in most tech companies. With the workload and limited resources, delivering projects on time is very complex and challenging. Thus, Staff augmentation will be the best solution that can be used in such challenging times to rescue from hardship. It saves up your recruitment time, and time to train that particular employee, and as well as will end up delivering the project before the deadline arrives.

To control the number of employees

It is completely natural for companies to upscale or downscale their teams according to the demand they own in the industry. So, when it is on a contract basis or project basis, the process of scaling up or down will be simpler and can do as needed.

There are times when you need to remain profitable by increasing the capacity while avoiding overstaffing. Therefore, to fill the gap of talent at a low cost, a contingent staff would stand up to the best benefit.

To focus on priorities

Additional team players undoubtedly are experts in a particular job role. Thus, with their knowledge, they can bring out maximum productivity with a high level of accuracy. And indeed they will add value to the team in-house. Further, as they are focused and dedicated to one particular project, their full-time effort will lean more toward it. Therefore, the wait for success from a particular project can be kept to an end.

Further, if the core teams spread their focus across multiple projects, it will not only pay less attention to priorities but also will affect the accuracy also.

In Conclusion

There is proven evidence that Staff Augmentation worked for the betterment of the company rather than recruiting in-house. So, it is obvious that this team expertise will drag your company towards success. Indeed there may be a few drawbacks. But, the impact of the benefit is higher compared with the challenges.

Finally, it is the 21st century. If you stay blinded to new strategies, the world will drop over you for miles and miles away. So, keep your vigilant eye open and strive for the best out of the best!