IT Staff Augmentation

The right people, right now. Get the talent you need to succeed.

Why choose CodeOne-X?

CodeOne-X talent solutions help companies to hire the top remote talents faster, more efficiently and at competitive salaries from Sri Lanka.

Pre-vetted Talents

Choose from a large network of experienced and qualified talents curated after an extensive vetting process.

Fast Hiring

Start interviewing within 48 hours of sharing your requirements and onboard the top talent in just 2 weeks.

Top 3% Talent

Our Talent Network consists of Sri Lanka’s top 3% of professionals who have the knowledge and experience you are looking for.

Cost Advantage

With CodeOne-X, you save up to 40% on salaries compared to the local talent without compromising the quality.

Different Time Zones

Our talents work in your timezone or at least with 4 hours of overlap to ensure that the deliverables are always on time.

Onboarding and Support

We take care of onboarding formalities like Payroll, IT, and admin support to make sure that the talent is ready from day one.

Simple Contracts

Simple, monthly payout without worrying about any compliance or legal aspects.

Easy Replacement

In the event that the talent does not meet your requirements or resigns, you can leverage our 30-day replacement policy.

2X Retention

Providing high payouts to the talents and offering a strong brand value are two of the main reasons we have a 2x retention rate.

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Share the Job Description

Share the complete roles and responsibilities, must-have skills necessary, market experience, and budget.


Review & Shortlist

We will match the best-fit profile(s) in the next few days for your review. You can shortlist for us to schedule interviews.


Interview & Hire

Every talent is pre-vetted against their communication skills and technical capabilities to reduce the guesswork and the probability of a wrong hire drastically.


Onboard & Manage

After you confirm the talent, we short all the legalities and contracts with the talent, ensure smooth onboarding and help you manage the talent.

Pros & Cons of IT Staffing.

There are many staff augmentation benefits, as well as a few downsides to consider. Here are the pros and cons to think about when you’re looking to use staff augmentation services for your next project or task.


Quickly integrate outstanding software engineers that increase your team’s capacity and add value to your project.
Easily find and hire the specific skill sets needed for each of your projects. No need to worry about talent retention.
Smooth out any project road bumps and minimize downtime with the expertise of an extended team.
Increase or decrease the size of your development workforce as needed with on-demand talent.


Projects that require a high level of knowledge of company culture and context may create ramp-up times. This is where staff augmentation vs. staffing projects with dedicated teams may need some consideration.
Flawed internal processes may extend some negative effects to outsourced staffing solutions.
Not all companies are used to working with extended teams. Adapting to their rhythm may take some time.

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We love engaging with our clients and community. If you have an inquiry or any other questions, get in touch!​

[email protected]
Tel : (+94) 70 6400 357
(+94) 11 274 6010 | (+94) 70 325 6356

Get in Touch

We love engaging with our clients and community. If you have an inquiry or any other questions, get in touch!​

[email protected]
Tel : (+94) 70 6400 357
(+94) 11 274 6010 | (+94) 70 325 6356